Light DAM: A lightweight digital asset management system for GLAM

Light DAM

Streamlining Digital Asset Management for Cultural Heritage Institutions

Managing digital assets across different cultural heritage domains such as archives, museums, galleries, and libraries (GLAM) can quickly become a complex and resource-intensive undertaking. The diversity of descriptive, administrative, and technical metadata standards makes it challenging to adopt a single international standard that satisfies the unique needs of each GLAM sector.

This is where Light DAM comes into play, a flexible and customizable digital asset management system designed specifically for GLAM. Light DAM is built on Notion, allowing solutions to be tailored easily to the specific workflow requirements of any cultural institution. At its core, Light DAM uses the VRA Core 4 standard to provide interoperability while also incorporating Dublin Core and IPTC metadata.

Out of the box, Light DAM offers a robust set of features to help streamline digital asset management:

  • Your asset catalog is always online and up-to-date in real-time, accessible from any device. There is no need to build and maintain a separate website.
  • Robust permission and user management allow controlling asset visibility and editing access.
  • Intuitive filtering and search allow finding assets quickly across large volumes of content.
  • Templates facilitate standardizing metadata capture and relations between assets.
  • Integration with Notion’s flexible databases, block structure, and collaboration tools ensures all information is organized in one centralized hub.

Beyond the usual asset management perks, Light DAM leverages many unique advantages of the Notion platform. Built-in features like file embedding, custom views, inline editing, and tight integrations supercharge productivity for cataloging, researching, and team workflows. Notion’s cross-device experience makes digital assets accessible anywhere, while integrated change logging provides audit trails.

By combining a standards-based approach with the flexible Notion platform, Light DAM delivers an out-of-the-box digital asset management solution that can also be customized indefinitely to meet the specific evolving needs of GLAM institutions and their collections. Cultural heritage projects of any size can now streamline workflows and collaboratively manage multimedia assets in one centralized, always-up-to-date knowledge base.

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