Datos Abiertos Vinculados. ¿Qué son?

Animación simple que explica que es Linked Open Data es y por qué es una cosa buena, tanto para los usuarios como para los proveedores de datos.




MICRO is building a fleet of six foot tall museums.

Our team of scientists, designers and storytellers take a vast, complex world, and squeeze it down into boxes the size of vending machines.



We replicate the museums, and send them out to the groups and venues in your community who want you to know about the secret systems that run the cosmos.

From hospital waiting rooms to the DMV, MICRO’s fleet of museums show up in the places you least expect them.

The Museum as Workspace

Ask anyone who works at a museum what they love about their job, and chances are they won’t respond “my workspace.” Generally located in the bowels of the building, museum workspaces are notoriously unpleasant: often windowless and, depending on the age of the building, maybe not originally intended as workspaces. Among the several museums at which I’ve worked or interned, my desk has been located in: a busy hallway, a closet for marketing materials, and a repurposed storage room that opened only onto the exhibition space.